She learned from her Teacher Marshall Rosenberg:
“Get very very clear about what you want, and then live that way.”

A center for Restorative Solutions has been created in response to the growing despair and desire Pam Orbach experiences in the Seattle area for new ways of seeing and interacting with the world, and doing community-healing work. It is her way of being the change she longs to see in the world. It is a natural progression from her career in education, mediation with the City of Bellevue, and as a Nonviolent Communication trainer consultant and coach.

The center currently supports Bastyr University, University of Washington, schools in King County, faith based communities, businesses and Individuals. Close to her heart is the work she does with Freedom Project, supporting the organization that works in prisons around Washington State to bring Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Practice to the incarcerated human beings currently in the prison system.

She has created hubs of practice so that anyone who wants restorative learning can come to open trainings and regular free monthly practice groups for Restorative Justice at St Marks Cathedral in Seattle, and at East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue. This work speaks to her meaning and purpose; supporting a paradigm shift to increased self-awareness, authentic expression, integrity in action and decision-making. This augments an alignment of organizational direction with personal values.

Pam’s combination of skill sets, grounded in Dominic Barter’s model of Restorative Circles and the practice of Nonviolent Communication results in a compassionate methodology for building community and engaging conflict in ways that build trust and restore. It is a trauma informed approach that attends to equity and justice work with candor and care. A Center for Restorative Solutions designs and delivers trainings and dialogue for organizations and communities, and supports an individual coaching practice, so that everyone can have access to the work. A workshop space (located in Greenwood neighborhood in Seattle) has been built where a variety of trainers offer workshops to the public, all related to restoring wellness and wholeness. Pam Orbach is creating the compassionate world she wants to live in, one action at a time. She is so grateful for this life, and for how many people and organizations are showing up to join the journey.

Pam Orbach

Pam Orbach